Getting Started

What is the Online Training Center?

The Online Training Center, is an online system where you can access all kinds of training. The Professional Development Bureau provides training on a variety of topics focusing on those you need to do your job. Course categories displays the training available to you.

How do I register as a New User?

Registering for an account to the Online Training Center is easy!  Please have your supervisor contact Ted Ward ( to create your account. Read and agree to the Terms of Use. Once you successfully complete the registration process, you will be granted access to the Online Training Center. Only approved email addresses can be used.

How do I find what I need?

The Online Training Center is designed so you can find what you need quickly and makes it easy for you to navigate the site and find what you are looking for.

Browse for Training:

      • Course categories: Browse all types of training by category and program.
      • Search courses: Locate online training by category or by key word.

Get Your Training Certificate:

Once you complete a course, your printable certificate will be available.
For Corrections staff, the Online Training Center automatically notifies the Professional Development Bureau that you have completed the course. There is nothing you have to do on your part to submit a certificate.
For Contract staff, we do not track contract staff training. So, if your HR/Training team wish to give you credit, please save or print out the certificate for each course and turn it into them.


Last modified: Monday, July 22, 2019, 10:54 AM